“Tables” … a segment that came into play not only because we at BWC are Coffee Enthusiasts, but we have yet to acquire an office space. We actually believe that once we do find a space of our own, we shall still frequent coffee shops around our beautiful city. Not just for the caffeine and inspiration but for the freedom of the space as well. Some cafes have the ability to bring out a work ethic in us that we may not be able to find in a cubicle or office. Peddlers Coffee Alchemy is one of those coffee shops that can really get you in gear. The Alchemist at Peddlers put their craft skills to work. Brewing coffee in small batches and hand steeping teas, real craftsmanship is felt and tasted. Located in the Art Museum neighborhood (one of our favorite neighborhoods as mentioned in previous entrees), Peddlers is more of a coffee laboratory. The menu is kept simple and focused, hand crafted coffee, specialty tea, slight savory snacks … Right to the POINT! The Alchemists' act diligently so that you can get to work. 

“Tables” is about handling business and Peddlers Coffee undoubtedly gets the job done.


Bright (natural light), Small, Business Oriented, Great For Quick Meetings.