The Lucky Goat

26th and Poplar, Philadelphia, PA (Brewery Town)



The face of Philadelphia is rapidly changing. Empty garages become rustic bars while vacant lots turn coffee shops. Brewery town (a cozy nook in north) is definitely undergoing a “Williamsburg facelift.” The Lucky Goat, on the corner of 26th & Poplar, has been brewing rich African/Colombian coffee for 2 years. Toyin (owner of the cafe), a lovely African woman who says that, “A cup of tea is the best way to see the morning but this corner is a place for coffee lovers." Specialty drinks such as, “The Lucky Goat” - roasted hazelnut & dark chocolate latte topped with cinnamon & dash of sea salt … or “London Taste - Earl Grey tea teased with a hint of vanilla & frothed with milk. This cafe is a great pop-in spot that opens early for those of us who rise and grind. Considering the shop's close proximity to the Art Museum, I believe our visits will become more frequent.



Cozy, Natural, Early - a place for individuals to get it together.