The quality of BWC Garments designs are best felt Autmn to Spring. We create eclectic pieces that can be styled for causal business to afternoon ventures, and any nightlife the globe has to offer. Summer brings an atmosphere of travel and socializing that lets us to connect with our enthusiasts and fans. Aside from a few accessories, or a 3 piece capsule, we usually use the beautiful summer months to travel, reflect & plan. It is essential that we take time to venture and refresh our creative, but in no means does this mean BWC takes any time off. With our BWC Sounds branch now in full effect, you can plan on attending a few soulful experiences we'll be curating. Stay tuned to the blog and expect some beautiful media we have in the works and are looking forward to share.




“Tables” … a segment that came into play not only because we at BWC are Coffee Enthusiasts, but we have yet to acquire an office space. We actually believe that once we do find a space of our own, we shall still frequent coffee shops around our beautiful city. Not just for the caffeine and inspiration but for the freedom of the space as well. Some cafes have the ability to bring out a work ethic in us that we may not be able to find in a cubicle or office. Peddlers Coffee Alchemy is one of those coffee shops that can really get you in gear. The Alchemist at Peddlers put their craft skills to work. Brewing coffee in small batches and hand steeping teas, real craftsmanship is felt and tasted. Located in the Art Museum neighborhood (one of our favorite neighborhoods as mentioned in previous entrees), Peddlers is more of a coffee laboratory. The menu is kept simple and focused, hand crafted coffee, specialty tea, slight savory snacks … Right to the POINT! The Alchemists' act diligently so that you can get to work. 

“Tables” is about handling business and Peddlers Coffee undoubtedly gets the job done.


Bright (natural light), Small, Business Oriented, Great For Quick Meetings. 


Kayuh Cycles

Fresh brewed Coffee, Teas, and Lattes alongside fixed gear bikes, accessories & add-ons;  Kayuh is a Philly Hipster's morning Oasis.

In a city that is becoming increasingly bike friendly, Izzat Rahman had the brilliant idea of combining two things Philadelphia loves - a gourmet cafe and cycle shop. Coffee shops and cycle shops are both common in Philly. To find this gem, one only needs to peddle to the North side for a fresh cup of Joe. On the corner of 19th and Girard, you can get a caffeine tune up while your bike gets tuned as well. The atmosphere of this quaint cafe is quite inviting, but more of a pit stop with aromatics. Coffee is something the BWC Garments team takes rather serious, giving us momentum through certain parts of our day when needed. Quality coffee is an absolute must to us, although riding is as well. Kayuh Cycles is the perfect place to gear up for a day of productivity and motion. Quality drinks, pastries and down to earth staff makes this corner of 19th and Girard a table worth peddling to.

Environment: Warm, Quaint, Productive and Efficient. And try the Mocha.

Spring 16' - Project Tokyo

Our Designer and Photographer recently took a trip to Tokyo to shoot our Spring 16' capsule. This was a life changing and inspirational trip that made us appreciate the art of design even more. We will be releasing this project at the end of April!



The Lucky Goat

26th and Poplar, Philadelphia, PA (Brewery Town)



The face of Philadelphia is rapidly changing. Empty garages become rustic bars while vacant lots turn coffee shops. Brewery town (a cozy nook in north) is definitely undergoing a “Williamsburg facelift.” The Lucky Goat, on the corner of 26th & Poplar, has been brewing rich African/Colombian coffee for 2 years. Toyin (owner of the cafe), a lovely African woman who says that, “A cup of tea is the best way to see the morning but this corner is a place for coffee lovers." Specialty drinks such as, “The Lucky Goat” - roasted hazelnut & dark chocolate latte topped with cinnamon & dash of sea salt … or “London Taste - Earl Grey tea teased with a hint of vanilla & frothed with milk. This cafe is a great pop-in spot that opens early for those of us who rise and grind. Considering the shop's close proximity to the Art Museum, I believe our visits will become more frequent.



Cozy, Natural, Early - a place for individuals to get it together.



1201 Spruce st., Philadelphia, Pa 19107

As the morning sun floods Midtown Philadelphia (south of city hall), the sunlight seems to all gather on the corner of 12th and Spruce. With floor to ceiling windows, TOAST is a fine environment to begin a creative/productive day. While coffee is being brewed freshly, ideas are being freshly squeezed in preparation for our next release. Our morning usually consist of a nice fusion between content creation and R&D. TOAST has an extensive menu with daily brunch served until 3pm. Find hot coffee and creativity at our table.  



207 S Sydenham St, Philadelphia, PA 19102


Its important as creatives that we find our "little niches" or places of refuge when living in the big cities. ELIXIR Cafe is one of our "Little Nitches" in the heart of Brotherly Love. Tucked away in a Walnut St. alley, where the hustle of Center City Philadelphia can not be heard. ELIXR specializes in hand poured, lighter roasted and unique coffees. From Kenya to Guatemala, Ethiopia to Costa Rica the signature blends are sure to impress. 



more of a personal reflective space/ casual meeting place/ great for a creative break