The Whooligan And BWC Garments Present "Seasons Change" World Tour

The Whooligan invites you to travel thRough Europe with his Soulection family, and then on to Asia with his crew & good friend, Joshua Lang of BWC Garments. With open minds and guided hearts, Julio & Josh’s experience was one of insightful interactions, eclectic cuisine, compelling parties & new friendships. As the “Seasons Change” tour spans from the Soulection Supply release in Tokyo, to the Paradiso Auditorium in Amsterdam, The Whooligan brings his humbling and heart felt energy to over 15 different cities across the world.

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Mixes -

Joshua Lang Sits Down With Visual Artist Dessie Jackson

Artist Showcase: Dessie Jackson 

Words & photos by Joshua Lang, Video by Austin Horton. 


"I finally got the chance to catch up with the Philadelphia native in her cozy LA apartment/studio during my visit. I first heard about Dessie about 4-5 years ago through a mutual friend of ours. I was immediately blown away by what i was looking at and couldn't believe how real some of her portraits looked. The story telling behind her art is what really gave me the chills. Every piece has a meaning and she does an excellent job at making sure her audience knows where the inspiration came from." Get to know a little bit more about Dessie below. 


1. "As an artist, having a consistent morning routine can really make a positive impact on your work. Can you explain to us your routine?"

"Mornings are so important to me! I try and give myself an hour of just waking up before I dive into anything (even if this means setting the alarm a little earlier) — coffee, and breakfast always."


2. "Do you see yourself sticking around LA or somewhere else? If yes, why and where?"

"For now, certainly! LA is excellent, I must admit. I wasn't a fan at first - it's just different from the East Coast, but I like it more the longer I stay. I like how people here see something bigger - chasing something. I appreciate that. I like that. I don't think I'll be in LA forever but I never really know.  No anchors."


3. "If you had to explain your work to a stranger, what would you say? Can you also explain what the process is like?"

"The elevator pitch! I explore projected femininity, sexual identity, "beauty." I'm interested in the idea of a fake truth; think no-makeup, makeup tutorials. I like collecting images and information, especially ads - through magazines in particular. Normally I latch onto an image or a line and go from there."


4. "What are you really excited about right now?"

"I'm starting a new series of personal paintings that I can't wait to share."


5. "What do you think you'd be doing if you weren't an artist? Do you have any passion projects?"

"I've always been lucky in the sense where I've known what I wanted to do.  I dressed up as an artist for "What do you want to be when you grow up" day in kindergarten (beret and smock included). BUT if I wasn't a visual artist; I love to dance, violin, and I love theatre, so probably would pursue something in that corner."


6. "What are you listening to right now?"

"SZA, Tigers Jaw, PUP, and Fazerdaze."


7. "What are some upcoming or current project you are working on?"

"Over the past few months I've really been focused on some true self-care and self-love. With this, and what that means to me, I've been taking a lot of photos, just of my personal life and friends. I've been writing. I want to share more of this. Make honest work.  

BUT, a show is coming (winks)."


8. "What artists or designers are you interested in right now?"

"I finally got to see Jerry James Marshall's retrospective in person and it was phenomenal. Diane Arbus, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye."

"There's A Bright Side Somewhere" • BWC In Kingston, Jamaica

In the heart of Kingston Jamaica, our videographer @sight.beyond.sound couldn't ignore the dichotomy of Jamaica's romanticized image and reality. 

"Some of the most exquisite flowers bloom in the harshest environments. Invaluable stones are made under immense pressure. Growth is sacrifice & survival. "There's a bright side somewhere" is a searching for greater self - making sacrifices to not only survive but also bloom within the harshest environments and immense pressures. Grow With Us" - Austin Horton

Kingston, Jamaica

BWC Spring '17 End Of Season Sale - Hosted by Open Space

As we close out the spring and gear up for summer, we graciously thank those who fell through our mobile shop this weekend in Philadelphia, the home of BWC Garments. Hosted and welcomed by the Open Space family (@openspacephl), we presented the finality of our spring collection with a season ending sale. Live art curated by SPK (@thesuperpoorkids) and Sean Aye (@ayecrtv) made for an impressive mural among the outside walls of The Space.

BWC Garments "Private Victory" Recap - Hosted By UBIQ Philadelphia

Here is a brief look into our Spring 17' mobile shop at UBIQ Philadelphia, where we had debuted our second delivery of the season, entitled "Private Victory". The opening ceremony took place on 3/25, with the shop remaining stationary until 4/1. Thank you UBIQ for your hospitality along with Stoli® Vodka and Essentia Water for sponsoring the event. Photography: Ian Shiver, Styled: Liz Barrella.

Spring '17 Delivery Two: "Private Victory" Promo

Why do we run from our dreams? What keeps us from from actualizing our true self? How long will we pace about in quarrel within ourselves, leaving our full potential to remain in limbo? As the fire within us builds, we must choose our moment of triumph and begin the escalade on the long road of success - challenging the fear of abandonment, arriving at ones own, "Private Victory".

BWC Process Methods .2

BWC presents a final short to conclude the process methods of our Spring 17' collection, "Growing Pains" Chapter 2. Infinite research and labor go into every season, so it is important to us that we share our process and development with you.

BWC Sounds Presents 'Soulful Therapy' With Soulection

Through BWC Sounds, we strive to create healing, therapeutic environments via unique experiences and unquestionably, great music.  We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who made it out to our event, 'Soulful Therapy', this past Saturday at the Foundry, and a special appreciation to Jim Beam and Courvoisier for powering this event. Thank you to our brothers, The Whooligan and Lakim from Soulection, for rocking with us as well. 


Growing Pains Ch. 2 Release @ Elixr Coffee

Having Elixr host our latest mobile shop for our Growing Pains Ch. 2 capsule was a beautiful experience. It was a privilege to use their space, as it exuded nothing but a cozy, intimate, classical vibration that we will remember for quite some time. We were also blessed to collaborate on a special blend of BWC x Elixr Coffee, that was released in limited quantities. Our gratitude goes out to all who came out, as well as those who continue to Grow With Us. Thank you.


Josh Langford w/ Bela Shehu of NINObrand

BWC's Josh Langford sits down with Bela Shehu, founder and designer of Philadelphia's hidden gem, NINObrand, "the coveted women's line described as the fashion brand of the future, with an aesthetic both modern & classic."

Read full interview below.

DSC02886 copy.jpg

1) You have such a unique aesthetic/style. Do you feel that Philadelphia has influenced you when it comes to design? If so, how? If not, where do you find inspiration?

"The rhythm and lifestyle of living in Philly is carried in all of the pieces that I make, but so is the vibe of Brussels where my parents live — or Montreal, NYC, Berlin and every cosmopolitan city I navigate. NINObrand is the perfect gear for the urban dweller; it's functional, technical, modular and chic. I suppose the main idea is to equip myself and like-minded people with all the right tools when it comes to packaging an objective. "

2) Your customer interaction is a little different than most. Can you tell me how you go about your "appointment only" structure and why you have it this way? What does it mean for NINObrand?

"When I was looking for a work space, I kept holding an awareness in the fact that I wanted to share my process with my collectors. There is a particular magic and pureness that gets transferred to all the pieces that we make, so I wanted to create an environment where a collector could experience and connect with that. The one-on-one appointments ensure an inspiring and elevated state of mind to be dominant, and that allows for a strong loyalty in the relationships with our collectors. This approach has proven to be very successful for us, so we're sticking with it."

3) What is one goal of yours that you haven't achieved yet, but want to in 2017?

"To reach a global market - that sweet tipping point. "

4) If you had to give any advice to a designer trying to come up in this industry, what are three things you would tell them?

"My first advice is to not get in this industry at all. "The industry" makes it nearly impossible for a newcomer to play successfully in it. But if one were guided by pure passion and joy to design and study the market, then three of the magic components would be the development/manufacturing team, sourcing and photography. These then would need to be followed by product placement strategy, which turns the design process into a business."

5) We both know this is a cut-throat industry. I'm curious to know what has kept you in the game for this long, and how? At what stage in your career did you realize that this was going to be your job - for life?   

"From very early on, I realized that designing and making clothes would be part of my life forever - just like cooking, traveling or breathing; it's a necessity for my existence. When I was 22, I thought to explore it as a business, and I haven't looked back since. With practice, I've gotten very savvy, which makes it possible for me to be comfortable indulging in my passion, and make a living in the process. I suppose this was my calling all along." - @ninobrand - @belashehu                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

"Grow With Us" - Part 1

This summer has been a time of reflection for us as a unit - a learning experience; grasping the paths we have set before ourselves individually, and the tasks we have taken on as a brand. We have started something that we don't take for granted, rather something that is constantly teaching us to remain humble and true. As many brands grow, they lose sight of their roots - not us. The future of BWC is vast but it is times like these that keep the brand steadfast in growth. Grow With Us.